• +255 (0) 713 526 533
  • pesno2015@gmail.com
  • Banana-Ukonga, Opposite Aviation Building, Nyerere Road Dar es Salaam
  • Pesno Mission and Vision

    The organization was established in Dar Es Salaam in May 2015 with the intention of improving pupils’ performance

    Our Mission and Vision

    To be the best Organization in offering educational services and building networks among members of the Organization.

    Being part of Tanzania Society we offer the best Education Services for Education institutions to make the pupils who will fit in our society.

    We offer the following

    1. Education consultancy
    2. Administration of mock examinations to primary schools
    3. Setting of internal exams e. g midterm exams
    4. Preparing professional seminars on academic disciplines
    5. Capacity buildings, coaching, and mentorship program
    6. Consulting services on monitoring evaluation and learning